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Why 90 % of Forex Trader fail?
By : Mike Lombardy
Yes it's true and it is only a conservative estimate. There have been many statistical studies to prove the point. A very small percentage of these traders even go bankrupt. Why do traders fail ? Is it because they are stupid? No. Studies have shown that many of these traders are highly educated, have good incomes and ......
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Why A Dummy Account Is The Forex Traders Best Friend
By : Gerald Mason
you will lose money when you start Forex trading. It is the most crucial part of your Forex trading education because it will determine whether you will end up making your way to riches or lose a lot of your money. One of the best ways to start is to practice Forex transactions using a demo account and virtu ......
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Why A Negative Forex Feedback Attracts More Attention Then Positive Ones
By : Lily DeLaire
Why would customers give feedback at all? There's got to be a strong motive behind it, because no one wants to waste their time for nothing. In forex business, for example, when a customer posts a feedback about a service or product they experienced, it's usually because he/she was frustrated about the experience and p ......
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Why Do Proven Forex Trading Systems Fail So Often?
By : Christopher Temple
So why do a large number of Forex Traders eventually fail? I was a failed trader, and here is why... Back when I decided to start my forex trading career (quite a few years ago now) I honestly thought that I would be making big money very quickly indeed. After all, I was entering the monster online currency ......
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Why Forex Market?
By : Agnes Uma
Forex, FX and the Forex market are some widespread terms you would have heard for the Foreign Exchange market. In fact it is the major economic market in the globe, where currency is vended and purchased liberally. In its current situation the Forex market was started in the seventies, while free swap rates were initia ......
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