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Beginners Guide to Forex Funds
By : Jon Provencher
A commonly asked question from investors is What is a Forex Fund? A Forex Fund works exactly the same way as a mutual (managed) fund. Mutual Funds started up after the crash of 1929. The rationale behind a mutual fund is if people combine their money, they can buy more shares to obtain greater diversificatio ......
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Being a Calculated Risk Speculator or Just a Gambler
By : Paul Dubsky
He or she, who is known to gamble on horses, or dogs, or other sporting events etc., is often branded a persona non grata in certain circles. However, if a person speculates on buying and selling securities, foreign currency, or property, their classification would point to a persona grata. Both c ......
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Benefits and Pitfalls of a Java-Based Forex Trading Platform
By : Marcus Masters
Many forex brokers today offer a Java-based platform to traders as opposed to the traditional software that needs to be installed on your computer. If you are considering using a broker that offers this type of web-based trading platform, it is important for you to understand what makes this option good, as ......
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Benefits of FOREX
By : Mark Molina
There are many benefits of FOREX that make it a great way to invest if you know what you are doing. For starters, it is very easy to use in the right hands. This is so important because the average person does not have hours to spend each day trying to learn how to invest successfully. With this FOREX there are no clas ......
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Benefits of FOREX Trading
By : Trevor Kinden
The FOREX market is a cash market where foreign currencies are traded via brokers. The increase or decrease in the traders' investments depend on currency movements. Foreign currencies are bought and sold simultaneously and constantly across both local and global markets. FOREX trading conditions can be influenced by r ......
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