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Analyzing the FOREX Market with Tools
By : Adam Heist
The foreign exchange market is used for buying and selling currencies. Naturally with so many currencies in one market, there is bound to be confusion. Tools are the devices that are used to analyze the market which makes the buying and selling of the currencies an easy process. These tools are generally software packa ......
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Anticipating Trends
By : Monise
A FOREIGN-EXCHANGE TRADER, whether speculating, investing, or hedging on behalf of a corporate client, is constantly trying to anticipate trends in the market. To do this he must look at a wide range of factors, including relative interest rates, inflation, and political and economic factors in leading-currency nations ......
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Are There Any Risks With A Carry Trade?
By : Joel Teo
A carry trade can be a great way for a Forex investor to reap terrific profits on their investment. A carry trade is when a currency with a low interest rate is sold to purchase a currency that pays a high interest rate. The difference in the interest rate between the two currencies is called the interest rate differen ......
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Are we revisiting the past?
By : Mike Wright
Last week the 20 year anniversary of the 1987 crash passed with a significantly negative close for all major stock markets. A sell off, but it was some way off being a repeat of that day 20 years ago that wiped off 12.2% of the value of British shares in one trading session. It is interesting to note that ne ......
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Are You Cut Out To Be A Forex Trader?
By : James Woolley
Trading forex can be one of the most profitable professions, even if you're just trading your own account, providing you're successful. However, if you are trading on your computer at home it can be a very lonely profession. The common opinion amongst non-traders is that forex trading is hugely exciting with ......
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