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Dollar in the Doldrums
By : Mike Wright
The Dollar again grabbed the headlines last week as it hit all time lows against the Euro and levels not seen in generations against the Pound & Canadian Dollar. The reason for this drop in the medium term has been the gradual weakening of the US economy as it tries to fight the effects of the credit crunch ......
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Earning 20% with Forex
By : John Magruder
I first started trading forex back in 2003, and made the typical mistakes of a trading noob. First, I didn't back test my trading method. To stay consistent with a trading system one needs confidence in how it is going to perform. This comes with back testing which is looking at price data over past years and analyzing ......
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Emerald Passport Explains Forex Chart Trading
By : Evan Evans
Forex charting is vital to guarantee that you have the latest numbers to make informed evaluations. Charts give the stockholders with readings from the stock market progresses, financier' odds in stocks pick up, since the readings show them the changes in the high/low. The shareholders use these results to know when th ......
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Exchange Investing Money-How To Profit From Exchange Investing Starting Now
By : Josh Neumann
How can you make money with exchange investing money? Just like investing in the equity market, one can invest in Forex i.e. buy money. Banks and other similar institutes do the same. Countries abroad buy dollars to invest in Forex whereas United States buys money across the world from Euro, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupees ......
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Factoring in the Fed - Where to now for the Dollar?
By : Mike Wright
Wall Street leapt higher last week after the Federal Reserve calmed investors' fears about a sinking economy, implying that risks to the financial markets from the summer's credit crises have eased, says's Michael Wright. Stocks initially zigzagged after the Fed lowered interest rates on Wed ......
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