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Anticipating Trends
By : Monise
A FOREIGN-EXCHANGE TRADER, whether speculating, investing, or hedging on behalf of a corporate client, is constantly trying to anticipate trends in the market. To do this he must look at a wide range of factors, including relative interest rates, inflation, and political and economic factors in leading-currency nations ......
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Are we revisiting the past?
By : Mike Wright
Last week the 20 year anniversary of the 1987 crash passed with a significantly negative close for all major stock markets. A sell off, but it was some way off being a repeat of that day 20 years ago that wiped off 12.2% of the value of British shares in one trading session. It is interesting to note that ne ......
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Are You Guilty Of Committing These Flaws In Your Forex Trading? - Part #1
By : Peter Lim
I am hardly surprised when friends and clients tell me that they are not consistent in their winning trades in trading forex. Many times, friends relate their stories of making a giant win in the markets at one time, and then will continue to tell a sad story of losing it all in the next few trades. Worst, some have ev ......
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Automated Forex Expert Advisor Gives Traders the Ultimate Flexibility
By : Chris Robertson
For many people, trading in foreign currency exchange (known as Forex) has become very lucrative, similar in nature to the money made by day traders in the 1990s. Until fairly recently, though, Forex trading was only available to central banks and institutional investors. With the advent of software that acts as an aut ......
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Automated Forex Systems Make Trading Easier
By : Chris Robertson
If you're serious about Forex trading, or foreign currency exchange trading, you'll need a way to monitor and control your transactions without having to keep up with it around the clock. That's where automated Forex systems can help a great deal. Many automated Forex software programs have been developed to make tradi ......
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