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Forex Trading - 3 Profitable Tips

Forex Trading - 3 Profitable Tips



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Strategy Trading and Emotion
By : Rick Williamson
One of the attraction of trading forex is the ability to make wealth quickly. A trader has to come to the board with a trading strategy. There are many trading combinations to be made. Your over all plan should be well thought out. Your plan is only part of the equation in the wonderful world of foreign exchange tradin ......
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Finding Your Trading Stengths
By : Rick Williamson
Do you know your strengths? Do you jump from one idea to another? When you do this you leave yourself open to frustration and losses. There are many common things between trading and business.Be confident in your strengths and stay away from your known weakness.In business there is competition,you need to k ......
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Christmas and the Ghost of Forex Past
By : Martin Bottomley
With Christmas fast approaching and another New Year almost upon us, it hardly seems possible that 2007 is already reaching a close. Around this time every year the TV will undoubtedly be showing one of the many versions of "A Christmas Carol" originally written by Charles Dickens in which Scrooge is visited ......
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Forex Education - The Importance of Psychology a Live Lesson
By : Kelly Price
In an article a week ago "US Dollar Outlook - Dollar to Strengthen Further" we postulated that the dollar would have a good week and so it has proved. Our logic was purely based upon trader psychology NOT the fundamentals or news. This week's action shows graphically how important trader psychology is. Alwa ......
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Forex Trading - Success Through Emotion Control
By : Peter Johnson
The majority of forex trading websites are happy to show you all the tools one needs for success in currency trading, however they often fail to mention the crucial impact of emotions. This certainly holds true for any financial activity where risk is involved, in fact forex trading is not that different to playing pok ......
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Can Forex Trading Ever Be Stress-Free?
By : James Woolley
As rewarding and as profitable as forex trading may be, there's no denying that trading forex for a living can be extremely stressful. It can really get your heart racing at times, particularly if it's your own money at stake, but nevertheless there are ways in which you can reduce your stress levels, as I'm about to d ......
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