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Warning, Currency Consolidation Ahead

Warning, Currency Consolidation Ahead



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Online Forex Currency Trading - How To Boost Confidence And Discipline
By : Brian McAboy
The Challenge Consistently profitable online currency trading requires both confidence and discipline to first achieve and then maintain a reasonable level of success. For virtually all traders, these two aspects of trading are responsible for their success or lack of it: having confidence as a trader, plus ......
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Forex Trading with Greed and Fear, Finding the Balance
By : Jared Passey
Traders typically look at greed and fear the bad guys. However, there are some beneficial parts of these emotions. It is very important that we as traders identify the methods in which these two emotions affect the way we trade. Then we can learn to hedge against the negative and leverage the positive. So let's identif ......
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FOREX Trading Success - Getting the Right Mindset for Big Profits
By : Sacha Tarkovsky
90% or more FOREX traders lose and only 10% or less achieve FOREX trading success. Everything about trading however can be specifically learned. The reason so many traders fail, is not they can't be successful (anyone can), they simply cannot adopt the right mindset needed for trading. ......
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FOREX Trading - 95% of Novice Traders Lose - Could You Win?
By : Sacha Tarkovsky
There is one fact that you need to consider carefully before you engage in FOREX trading and if you do, you could save yourself a lot of money, so here it is: If 95% of novice currency traders lose, why should you succeed at FOREX Trading? Think about it carefully, the vast majority of traders ......
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Living To Trade Another Day
By : Peter Bain and the Forexmentor team
Mastering the markets takes time, and it is in your best interest to survive to trade another day. Many novice and seasoned traders blew their first trading account. It's almost like you have to, but hopefully with a small amount of capital that you can afford to lose. Survival is the key when trading the forex market ......
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Sun Tzu Art Of War In Forex Trading - How To Be A Profitable Forex Trader
By : Peter Lim
"Forex Trading is so hard. I seldom have a winning trade!" "Forex Trading is so easy. I just have another winning streak for the entire week!" Two Groups of Forex Traders - The Losers And The Winners Read the two statements above again. These are two of the main statements I often hear from frie ......
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