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Forex Trading - These Traders Made Millions after Just 14 Days Studying The Markets!

Forex Trading - These Traders Made Millions after Just 14 Days Studying The Markets!



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Technical Indicators In Forex Trading: Understanding Their Limitations
By : Jovan Vucetic
Forex traders often look at technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Pivot Points, MACD, Moving Averages and the such to help them determine where to enter or exit trades. Using technical indicators is fine, however many traders overemphasize their importance or just plain misunderstand them. Many fore ......
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FOREX Trading - Using Economic Reports & News For Profit
By : Sacha Tarkovsky
The internet has seen a massive growth in both the quantity of news and speed of delivery and many novice traders think this will help them win, however in most cases it simply helps them lose and lose quickly. If you are looking at economic reports and news you need to consider one important fact first: < ......
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Making Profit From FOREX Trading On Sunday Open After G7 Meeting
By : Adam Wang
Current G-7 meeting concluded that major economic power houses agree on giving more room for Japanese Yen depreciation. In the long run, the conclusion will result raising carry trade on Yen pair, taking the advantage interest rate parity. For retail/spot FX trader, this does not mean much but it gives you a short sell ......
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FOREX Trading - Catching The Big Trends Live Examples
By : Sacha Tarkovsky
Recently we gave you two live trades to look at: British Pound long V Dollar and this made a lovely profit on the breakout and long Dollar v Japanese Yen which again gave another great profit. Here we are going to look at the above trades and perhaps the best trend at the moment in currencies ( ......
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Forex Traders: Speculating on The Presently Undervalued Chinese Yuan
By : Aries King
The Yuan can yield tremendous profits to investors if it rises against the dollar. The article below will discuss fully about the subject. China's trade surplus has been a sore thumb with the American government over the past few years. The Americans believe that their massive trade deficit with China is fu ......
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Can A Forex Trader Profit Greatly From The Presently Undervalued Yen
By : Ariyo Akinlosotu
The Yen, the Japanese currency has come under scrutiny from the major developing countries for its weakness. Its weakness should not come as a surprise since the country has kept it that way it order to encourage growth which was lacking due to the downturn that occasioned the pricking of the 1980's bubble ......
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