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How foreign currency markets affect us all

How foreign currency markets affect us all



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Trading and Fading in the Forex Marketplace
By : Jared Passey
The differences between traders and faders are mostly their market momentum and entrance. The traders usually wait for the market to gain momentum in one direction or another and then buy/sell some stocks to make some money before the run ends. A fader will use a solid understanding of cost barriers to decide the end o ......
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Do Fibonacci Numbers and The Golden Ratio make bigger Forex Profits?
By : Steve Todd
The Fibonacci number sequence and golden ratio is found throughout nature. The Fibonacci sequence was discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci in 1202, and the Fibonacci number sequence is based around the following equation: How many pairs of rabbits can be generated from one single pair, if every month each pair produces a n ......
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Three possible ways on how you can take advantage trading forex during economic news releases.
By : Tom Van Geert
In this article, I will discuss three ways how you can take advantage trading forex during economic news releases. Trading the economic numbers Straddle setup before the news Hedge setup before the news 1) Trading the economic numbers strategy Currency traders try to take advantage ......
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Forex Trading - Using Neural Networks for Huge Profits
By : Sacha Tarkovsky
Today, we are seeing the increasing use of neural networks in financial markets to help forecast prices with greater accuracy and the complexity and research is mind boggling. This article will look at the use of neural networks in financial trading and their profit potential. The Human Brain V Computers
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Why Most Forex Traders Base Their Foreign Currency Trading On Technical Analysis
By : Donald Saunders
Traditionally Forex traders have based their trading decisions on fundamental analysis which looks at both past and present political and economic events to predict future movements in currencies. Fundamental analysis is not easy and requires the trader to have considerable knowledge of political and econom ......
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Two Methods For Analyzing Movements In The Forex Market
By : Donald Saunders
In many ways the Forex, foreign exchange or foreign currency market is no different from any other market and prices are driven largely by the simple laws of supply and demand. If a currency is in demand its price will rise, but if demand is low its price will fall. This principle is fairly simple to unders ......
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