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Online Currency Trading - Forex Trading Strategies

Online Currency Trading - Forex Trading Strategies



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Relative Strength Index RSI - An Essential Indicator for Bigger Profits
By : Monica Hendrix
The Relative Strength Index RSI is a popular and powerful technical analysis oscillator which has numerous applications including: Indicating the strength of a price trend and also generating buy and signals with price divergences. The Relative strength Index is quite simply one of the best indicators to us ......
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Spot EVERY Big Trend Change With This Essential Indicator!
By : Kelly Price
You may not have heard of the Commitment of Traders Report, published by the CFTC - but this easy to understand indicator, can help you spot EVERY major trend changes in advance and trade for huge profits with low risk. The commitment of traders report is available FREE, but very traders use it - yet it can ......
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Trading Forex- Oil prices and Canadian dollar.
By : Mike P. Kulej
Over last couple of years there was a lot of discussion in Forex trading circles about Canadian dollar and oil prices. Why? Canada is major producer of oil and with surging oil prices people have been trying to find a correlation and take advantage of it. Or at least explain it. Canada doesn't rank at the top of oil pr ......
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How To Easily Profit From The Forex Market Using Daily Pivots
By : Dean Saunders
Forex pivots are a fantastic way to predict the future movements of a forex currency pair. There are several ways to use pivot points to minimize your risk while trading the forex market and to help you in your trading decisions. You can use the daily pivots to access where the market is heading, always keep ......
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Anticipating Trends
By : Monise
A FOREIGN-EXCHANGE TRADER, whether speculating, investing, or hedging on behalf of a corporate client, is constantly trying to anticipate trends in the market. To do this he must look at a wide range of factors, including relative interest rates, inflation, and political and economic factors in leading-currency nations ......
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Trading Forex- GBP-JPY outlook.
By : Mike P. Kulej
For those who trade currencies and Yen crosses in particular, last three weeks were truly eventful. We witnessed, or even participated in, very large moves. These kind of of moves were experienced for the first time by most current Forex traders. Why? Currency trading has been embraced by general trading public after 2 ......
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