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Forex Trend Following - Using Breakouts Huge Profits
By : Monica Hendrix
The most lucrative form of trading is locking into and following long term trends in forex that can last for months or years. Most traders have no idea how to profit from forex trend following so we will show you how to do it in 5 simple steps. 1. Be Selective The first point to keep in mind is t ......
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Forex News Trading Tip: How To Trade The FOMC
By : Jordan Lindsey
The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) decision on interest rates is one of the most powerful market movers in the forex market and when the markets move traders trading the news have the opportunity to make money. The FOMC sets the discount rate or federal funds rate and because interest rates are set hig ......
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Forex Charting Mistakes - Make These Mistakes and You Will Lose
By : Kelly Price
Forex charting and technical analysis is a great way to make money, the problem is - many traders make common mistakes and lose. Let's look at the ones you need to avoid. 1. Don't Predict The most common mistake of all is to try and predict where prices may go. If you get involved in ......
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Forex Trading - Finding The Best Time To Trade
By : Gerald Mason
Trading in the worlds largest and the most liquid financial market is one of the best ways to earn money. Here, if you know how, when, and what to trade, you can be sure that you can earn huge amounts of profit. It is a fact that a lot of people who traded in this financial market became successful and became very rich ......
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Trading Forex- is EUR-USD ready to reverse?
By : M
In light of FED decision to cut interest rates by 0.50% we have witnessed farther weakness in USD. It was most visible in case of CAD and EUR. Canadian Dollar reached parity against it's southern counterpart for the first time in 30 years, while Euro reached an all time high of 1.4100 by the end of the week. ......
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Market Rebound?
By : Mike Wright
Many traders will be breathing a heavy sigh of relief this week as the economic calendar lightens comparatively. The US interest rate decision weighed heavily on trading action last week. The FOMC announcement had top billing and it certainly didn't disappoint. Many analysts were expecting a 25 base point cut, with muc ......
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