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Is Forex Trading for You?

Is Forex Trading for You?



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Simple Moving Averages - The Basics (and Benefits) of Simple Moving Averages
By : Ian C Jackson
In spite of some people tending to write them off, moving averages are probably the most common type of indicator and they are widely used as a prime or base indicator by almost every trader. Because nearly all trading is based upon a trend in one way, shape or form, the characteristics of the MA as it is known, offer ......
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Forex Trading - Technical Analysis Importance
By : Peter Johnson
There are 2 main approaches or methods to forex trading; they are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. This article will discuss the relevance and importance of technical analysis. Technical analysis essentially looks at the past performance and history of a given forex currency. It is reliant upon ......
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A Review of Pips and What Role They Play
By : Brian Garvin & Jeff West
Every trader in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market hopes to make a profit from something called a "pip". It may sound silly, but gains in pips can potentially make one very wealthy. What is a pip? Pip stands for "percentage in point". In Forex trading, a pip is a unit of measurement which represe ......
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Forex scalping Success - 5 Key Facts You Need to Know
By : Kelly Price
Forex scalping and day trading is more popular than ever and is the choice of most new forex traders but is it the right one and how do you enjoy forex scalping success - lets find out. 1. Short Term Volatility is Random Millions of forex traders trade trillions of dollars in currency each day a ......
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Currency Trading Tips for Beginners Part 1
By : Kelly Price
Here we are going to give some currency tips for beginners who want to get involved in the exciting and potentially lucrative world of currency trading. Could you be successful at currency trading? Read on ... Firs things first. You will see a lot of people telling you currency trading is easy do ......
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The Value Of Discovering The Best Forex Training
By : Donald Saunders
The Forex market is both exciting and profitable but it is also highly competitive and volatile and anybody who wants to get into trading will need to have at least a little basic Forex trading training. Any introductory Forex trading course will include several different facets of trading including trading ......
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