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Forex Trading Strategy

Forex Trading Strategy



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Forex Education: Why Retail Traders Fail
By : Harold Hsu
There are many reasons why Forex traders often wipe out their accounts. In fact, there are so many factors that cause Forex traders to lose money, that only 10% of all traders are consistently profitable. Almost all of these loss-causing factors, however, can be generally narrowed down to 4 basic reasons:
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Beginners are Finding Excellent Profits From Forex Trading
By : Tony Buel
Many beginning traders have found much success when trading their forex accounts. Calculated risks can and do lead to substantial rewards and you will need to evaluate for yourself the kind of risk you are willing to take for the kinds of gain you are trying to achieve. (You didn't buy into the hype that it's all risk ......
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Financial Numerology
By : G Kumar
As Financial Astrology has got 4 branches - viz - Forex Astrology, Stock Market Astrology, Jackpot Astrology & Astro-lottology ( Lottery Astrology), so also has Numerology got many diverse branches Financial Numerology uses the Nine Numbers for speculation. Pythagorus averred that each number has a vibration ......
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Online Currency Trading - Top 10 Novice Trading Mistakes
By : monica hendrix
Online currency trading is now within reach of any trader and while the potential rewards are high - 95% of traders wipe themselves out - here we will outline the top ten novice trader mistakes. Here they are in no particular order of importance. 1. Trying to Predict Price Movement Y ......
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Online FOREX Trading Tips For Big Profits
By : Yusoff Allian
Fortunes can be made (and lost) on the FOREX market, but patience and a little bit of common sense can help you succeed where almost everyone else fails. The simple FOREX trading tips outlined below will help get you on the path to big profits in the FOREX market while at the same time reducing your losses. And you *wi ......
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FOREX Money Management - The Key To Long Term Profits
By : Yusoff Allian
Although it can be tempting to whip out your credit card and take advantage of a strong upward trend in your favorite currency, failure to manage your money properly will leave you broke faster than you can say "sell, sell, SELL!!" FOREX trading, just like any other form of investment, is not a guaranteed mo ......
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