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Ciphering the Forex Quotes

Ciphering the Forex Quotes



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Increase Your Forex Pips When The Market is Down
By : James de Wet
The 14 week ATR (Average True Rate) for the Euro has hit an all time low in the last 21 years. This clearly indicates that the trading ranges between currencies especially Euro and USD have shrunk considerably and this does not augur well for the forex trading market at all. However, the investors should not lose heart ......
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Trading Forex- Russian Ruble, the next commodities currency
By : Mike P. Kulej
There are some currencies known in financial circles as "commodities currencies". Their fortunes seem to be rising an falling in tandem with prices of raw materials. These are the "other dollars" CAD, AUD and, to a smaller degree, NZD. These countries are large producers and net exporters of a wide range of ......
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Online Currency Trading requires Patience
By : James de Wet
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This adage often brings back the memories of my past days when I was trading initially in the currency exchange market. Indeed, there's nothing more hurtful than losing your invested money in the FX market. But, online currency trading is like life where you've got to lea ......
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Micro Forex Trading - Five Reasons Why You Should Start With Micro-Forex
By : Simon Aridej
Micro forex trading is most definitely a Godsend for all novice traders and beginners out there today. Before the advent of micro forex trading, a novice with limited knowledge would have to invest in the forex market on the same level as an experienced trader, which would set him or her at an extreme disadvantage. Wit ......
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Success In Forex Trading Markets
By : Eric Long
The more you know about them, the more data you have to analyze to spot the trends, which will increase your chances of success. The foreign currency market is one of the most exciting attractive and lucrative markets in the world, but it is also extremely fast moving and volatile. While you can make tremend ......
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Mobile Trading For Profit in Forex
By : Paul Bryan
Forex Mobile Trading is a unique service that has been developed to allow the investors and traders worldwide to trade and manage their accounts from anywhere in the world using their mobile handsets or PDAs. Forex mobile trading software works with the same efficiency as any other automated forex trading stations.
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