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Facilities Offered In Forex Market

Facilities Offered In Forex Market



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Analyzing the FOREX Market with Tools

By : Adam Heist
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The foreign exchange market is used for buying and selling currencies. Naturally with so many currencies in one market, there is bound to be confusion. Tools are the devices that are used to analyze the market which makes the buying and selling of the currencies an easy process. These tools are generally software packages that help to make the trade easier.

While trading at the FOREX, the current market rates are not enough to make a wise decision. The trader would want to know about the performance of the currency in the past, as well as the political and economic conditions in that country which could affect the prevailing prices. Tools provide all these information. The software packages present on brokers' websites are the most important tools as they can provide up-to-the-minute updated information.

Knowing about the current scenario about the currency in question will help the trader to assess whether the currency will rise or fall in the future. A wise trader could make a tidy profit just by entering and exiting at the right time and thus making proper use of the fluctuations of the currencies.

Trading at the FOREX could be either restrictive or speculative. Restrictive trading is that which is affected by the changes in the political or the economic conditions of the country. It is a more direct approach of trading, which can be used by amateur traders also. But in speculative trading, decisions are made on the basis of what the investor feels about the fluctuation of the currency in the future. It takes into account the current events and decides how the market will be influenced by those in the future. Hence speculative trading is a more difficult type of trading, and one that is best used by professional traders.

Even among analyses of the market, there are two types - fundamental and technical. The fundamental analysis depends on the current situations of the market such as the political conditions, economic policies, trade patterns, interest rates and unemployment rates. Technical analysis works on a broader spectrum. It takes into consideration all the historical changes that have taken place over time and how they have influenced the currencies. With tools, both these kinds of information are available. Brokers would provide real time news updates at streaming rates for their customers. A more sophisticated tool is the Risk Probability Calculator which helps to find out trades which have better potentials in comparison with others. Such calculators can also indicate when exiting the trade would make the best sense.

When the trader has this information at hand, they will be able to make a proper decision as to which currency will be the best investment going by current standards. Hence tools help to minimize the risks and maximize the profits.

Along with all the tools, pivot points must be given a special mention. These are the average of the high, low and closing prices of the currencies. Tools that use pivot point calculators can tell when the prices would fall in the normal trading range, and when they would go in the extreme trading ranges. Similarly, pip value calculators can help to determine the smallest value of the pip in different sized lots. Pip calculators can also let the trader know what the profit or loss would be for the specific rise or fall of the currency in the FOREX.

Tools are generally made available to the traders by the brokers with whom they sign up. Access to the tools is through a login and password that the broker would provide. Common inputs are the amount of trade and the amount that can be risked. After putting in these values, the tool would automatically calculate a value for the stop loss order. If the trader decides to go ahead with a particular trade, then confirmation is required. The quoted price can be frozen to prevent any slippage. Once the rate is accepted, the deal is underway.

Like the stop loss rate, the take profit rate can also be decided by the tool. This allows the sale of a currency when it reaches a specified level. A trader can choose not to use these orders and go ahead with the sale according to their own discretions of mind.

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