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Is Emotion-Free Trading Possible?

Is Emotion-Free Trading Possible?



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How to Trade the Forex Market

By : Thara Washington
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First of all you may be wondering what in the heck is the Forex market let alone how to trade in it. No it's not about a little old lady waddling up to you with your purchase of fresh tomatoes for tonight's pizza. Oh no it's much much bigger than that.

In fact the Forex market or the foreign exchange market as it is also known deals with worldwide trade. Yeah you heard me world wide, it is the biggest market out there and trades about a trillion dollars a day. It deals with much more money a day than all other stock and bond markets. And I am gonna give you some tips on how you can trade with the big boys all over this planet.

First of all you might wanna work out some sort of plan. A plan gives you the opportunity to jot down your notes on your vision of your trading experience. How much you wanna earn, what percentage of profits is going back into your investment capital, how much is savings and how much of that is your salary. I mean really think about it, because it's really important.

Secondly, know what you are getting into. That means that you need to serious research; get to know the trends of the FX Market. What drives it, and what can grind it to a stop. It will take a lot of time but you don't want to be a fly by night entity that's here today and gone tomorrow. It just does not make sense to play unnecessarily risky games with your hard earned money.

Be disciplined, being a good trader requires that you be totally committed and disciplined. Once you have made up your mind which trading plan you are going to use it is wise to stick to that plan. Deviations from the plan can and in most times prove to pinch you in the pocket, big time.

Now there are two major currency trading avenues that an individual trader can embark on: Leverage and Ownership Currency Trading.

The Leverage option requires that you find an investor or broker and start up with a mini account. If your trading goes well and you manage it well you can move up to a regular account.

In Ownership trading you open up bank accounts for every currency you wish to trade in. You take a good hard look at the market and you purchase and sell currency accordingly. This method requires that you have a significant amount of start up money as you are buying the currency yourself as opposed to the leverage method where $1 is representative of $1000 dollars, in 100:1 ratio leverage.

Investment is always thought of to be this confusing and difficult thing, but when you incorporate careful planning, discipline and the advantage of knowing your market, you are bound to come out on top.

Trading on the open market can be a very scary thing but, if you are willing to spend some time in research then it can be very worthwhile as well. Don't begin worrying about all that just yet though at least not until you've seen this... forex.html" target=_blank>

About the author:
Thara is both a fitness enthusiast and a research/review expert
who runs a few fitness websites as well as the very popular

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