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Day Trading Success - ALL Facts You Need to Know

By : Monica Hendrix
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Before you attempt to day trade or buy a day trading system, there are 3 facts that you need to know, as they are critical for your day trading success so let's look at them.

1. The Logic Of Day Trading Is Flawed

The logic of day trading is flawed and doesn't work.

Sure you see lots of people claim to make money at forex day trading but they don't and you will never find a real time track record of gains - we will come back to this point in a moment, for now lets look at why day trading cannot work.

The answer is simple:


All short term volatility is random and prices can and do go anywhere in a day, so if this is true - it's impossible to win.

Of course its common sense, there is no order to the markets in a just a few hours.

Think about it:

Millions of traders trade trillions of dollars and to say that you tell what this mass of people is going to do in a few hours is laughable.

You can never win longer term day trading so let's look at all those wonderful track records, that tell you to give up the day job and trade for a living..

2. Where is The Track Record?

You will see people present track records in day trading and they all have hypothetical or simulated written on them - which means yep you guessed it there done in hindsight knowing the closing prices - How hard is that?

A child could do it and these track records are not worth the paper their written on.

You never see a real one!

The vendor knows it doesn't work so he is not going to risk his money trading - he can sell the system to you, make a guaranteed profit and you take the loss in the market. The above is what happens as these vendors trick traders with simulated track records and clever marketing copy.

Scams on the net

The internet has bought lots of great information to forex traders - but also a lot of scams and cons and the biggest con of all is anyone who tells you day trading works - it doesn't.

Try and find a track record if you dont believe me - you wont find a real one if you do tell me about it, I have been searching for 20 years.


If you want to make money forex trading, you need to trade in time frames that mean you can get the odds on your side and this means trading longer term - leave day trading to investors who are naive, lazy or just dreamers. If you want to win - get the odds on your side and do your homework and avoid forex myths such as day trading.

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