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Learning Forex Currency Trading Online

Learning Forex Currency Trading Online



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Forex Swing Trading - The Best Method for Novice Traders

By : Kelly Price
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Forex swing trading is easy to learn and apply and is an ideal method for novice traders to make money with - let's look at the advantages.

Essentially you have 3 time frames you can target trends in and they are:

Forex day trading, swing trading and long term trend following and forex swing trading is the easiest for novice traders - so lets compare these 3 methods and see why.

1. Day Trading

More novice traders try this method than any other - but it doesn't work at all!

All short term volatility is random, you can't get the odds on your side and you can't win - PERIOD.

For those of you who are still are thinking about it - try and find a track record that has made real profits (not simulated or hypothetical) and you won't find one.

It's a loser's game, so don't try it.

2. Forex Trend Following

This will give you the best profit potential if you can lock into the long term trends and hold them.

This looks a lot easier than it really is and requires tremendous discipline and discipline is a hard skill to learn.

1. You need to be patient.

You need to wait for the right opportunities and it requires discipline, to sit for weeks or months on end waiting for them.

Most traders want to be in trading and trend following simply only suits patient traders and most are not.

2. You need discipline to accept big gains!

This may sound easy as we all, want to make big gains but sitting on a big open gain while volatility eats into your gains is anything but and most novices snatch profits early - trend following is simply hard - sure you can learn it, but if you're a novice trader swing trading is a great place to start here's why:

3. Swing Trading

You can swing trade with just a few indicators and support and resistance and the advantages are:

1. It's very simple to learn and apply. You can learn a swing trading system in a few days. 2. There are trades at least a few times a week, so for the trader who likes action they will see it quickly.

3. Trades are right or wrong quickly and the discipline and patience needed is less in this than in trend following.

Its very easy to do - you are trading for periods of 2 days to a week or so and its easy to master the mindset to do it to and while the profits maybe smaller per trade than trend following, you can make huge profits over time if you have a logical robust system.

A Basic Swing Trading System

A swing trading system is easy to build and a good one would be based upon trading into support and resistance.

You then use momentum oscillators to confirm the trade and price direction is with your trading signal and finally, always have a target no trailing stops - hit the trades, hit target and bank them.

Stop losses in association with support and resistance are obvious and finally, incorporate breakouts in your swing trading strategy for greater profit potential.

Forex swing trading is easy to learn, easy to apply and can be profitable and fun - discover it and see for yourself.

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