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Know the Basics about the Forex Exchange

Know the Basics about the Forex Exchange



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Hitting That Huge Forex Trading Set-up For Outrageous Profits

By : Ryan Lee Daniels
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Do you search for the ultimate trade set-up? Spend time looking for that one big winner that will turn your trading around? Hit that home-run trade that will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams?

During the trading day, there are many opportunities for huge profitable trades. The only problem is being able to identify which of these opportunities will actually be the big winner!

The Search For The Ultimate Trade Set-Up

Some traders are so obsessed with finding that one big winning trade that they end up spending most of their time searching rather than trading. In their minds, finding that big winning trade is the key to making them multi-millionaires and rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Is there anyone who doesn't want to have find that big winning trade?

Finding that big winning trade is exactly the issue. You won't know which trade will turn out to be that one big winner until it becomes one. But by then, it'll be too late to get into the trade because the markets have already moved! Another issue with such big winning trades is that while they do exist, they come along occasionally. And unless you are actually trading, you won't be in the trade when it happens.

Searching for such trades isn't a bad thing, because when you do get such trades setting up they can provide huge profit potential. But if that's all you do, you'll miss out other high probability trade set-ups that happen in between such big winning trades. And that means you end up with a lot of missed profits instead.

So why do traders search for the Ultimate Trade Set-up for that Big Winner?

There are several reasons, some of which are:

Fear of leaving money on the table

Wanting to get rich in one single trade

Being conditioned that trading success is the result of always hitting big winners

Misalignment With Trading Reality

Everybody wants more profits, and wants to strive for that perfect trade. Who doesn't want more profits, right?

The problem with this kind of thinking is that it leads to the fear of leaving money on the table. It's perfectly normal, for sure. But trading reality and normal world reality sometimes don't exactly mesh. Wanting to get into big trades right at the beginning and exit right at the very end is a recipe for trading disaster.

The truth is there are no perfect trade set-ups that work every single time. But because of this misconception, traders spend time and energy searching for that one perfect trade set-up they believe exists.

Yes, you know, the big home run winner that will make Millions. :-)

Why does this fear of leaving money on the table come about?

In human society, we are conditioned from young to strive for perfection at home, work and school. It's a commonly held belief that to be successful in anything at all, you have to be perfect in everything you do.

However, this misconception of perfection equals success causes a lot of unnecessary stress. And this stress then clouds up the mind, and can cause you to lose clarity in trading the markets.

Stress also causes you to stagnate mentally and instead of moving closer, result in moving further away from your trading goals because of the lack of specific action.

When your mind is clouded by stress, it's harder to see clearly. Taking the necessary actions and steps towards honing your trading skills also becomes tougher. When you are stressed, it's hard to focus on doing and learning what needs to be done now.

Instead, your mind is filled with fear and anxiety.

Trading Reality

The reality of trading is that nothing works every single time. No system can produce 100% winning trades with no risk. There are no systems that guarantee you big winners every single time.

There is always uncertainty involved when trading in any financial market.

Having this belief that you have to be perfect, to trade the perfect set-up produces fear and anxiety. Why?

Simply because on some level, you probably know that nothing in life is absolutely perfect or guaranteed. Besides, even if you believe you have the ultimate, perfect trading set-up, you'll find out soon enough that it probably isn't true.

This doesn't mean you are to be a trigger-happy gunslinger. You still need to develop your trading strategy, have a detailed trading plan, a robust trading system and proper preparation for potential adverse events that might happen.

By realizing the truth about the misconception of the ultimate trading set-up, you free yourself from unrealistic expectations and start taking steady, consistent and concrete steps to honing your trading skills, expanding your trading knowledge and start moving closer towards trading success.

Trading Success Doesn't Require Perfection

To be a successful trader, you don't need to be perfect. No one is perfect anyway, and traders still make profits on a consistent basis.

Realize that it's impossible to be thoroughly competent and perfect in every single aspect of trading. Stop pursuing that impossibility, and start focusing on what you can actually do instead. You just have to have adequate preparation for the risks involved in trading, a solid trading system and contingency plans for possible adverse events.

You don't have to be perfect, or hit big home-run winners every single time to be a successful trader. It's OK to leave some money on the table sometimes, so long as you are consistently making profits overall.

Relax, clear your mind, and hone your ability to execute your trading plan consistently. You'll end up taking home more profits in the long run than just still be aiming to hit big winners every single time.

And that's what counts, right?

About the author:
Ryan Lee Daniels runs a Forex Trading Education website for the Smart Forex Trader. Develop Your Forex Trading Strategy for consistent trading profits.

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