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The Hidden Keys To Successful Forex Trading

The Hidden Keys To Successful Forex Trading



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Forex Market Hours: Not Your 9-5

By : Adam Hefner
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Everyday day, millions of Americans wake up from that dreadful sound of that alarm clock screaming at you to wake up. You roll out of bed, eat your breakfast, and get dressed for the race to work where you look to make your fantasy millions from 9 - 5.

The forex market hours can be seen to many as a Super Wal-Mart. It can be accessed at anytime of the day from Sunday 7:00 pm. EST to Friday 5:00 pm. EST. Yes, you have a 24 hour market where you can trade your little heart away any time of the day you want. The 24 hour forex market hours fives you the advantage to set your schedule as you please and not be restricted to a certain time to make your living.

Well some may ask "how does the market stay open and people are able to trade at all times?" Well the answer is that this is a international market. Meaning that even though in your time zone it 3:00 am and most are asleep (except for New Yorker's) there are other countries/regions just starting there day in the fast paced forex market.

We come to terms that the most popular forex market hours are divided up into four major time sessions. They are referred to as the London session, US session, Singapore session, and Tokyo session. Many times while one time session is open, another will began and will cause an overlap of market hours. A majority of forex traders will only trade these hours due to the higher volatility since more volume of orders are coming through. Just think about $2.5 trillion a day being exchanged.

One thought many get confused about when they hear about the forex market hours being 24 is that they think they can only trade during there regions time session. Not so. With todays technology of computers and the interlinking of banks and brokers, this allows you the avenue to jump on your computer software platform and place an trade and the most awkward times of the day.

So next time you think about the 24 forex market, think of your local Wal-Mart, where you can jump in and buy your $1.00 flower pot at 12:00 midnight and leave and come back that morning to by your flower.

About the author:
One great advantage to the forex market hours is the ability to access them 24 hours a day. To find out more on the forex market hours and other great advantages with forex trading check out" target=_blank>

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