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Learn more about Forex Trading when the Stock Market Declines.

Learn more about Forex Trading when the Stock Market Declines.



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The Top 4 Benefits of Managed Forex Accounts

By : Aaron Stokes
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Learning how to trade Forex isn't easy, often times it leaves the would be trader frustrated and tired. There is no easy way to learn the ropes of Forex, it takes many hours and often sleepless nights of study, trial and error.

The accepted ratio of winners to losers in the Forex market is anywhere from 5 to 10% (however in my opinion the actual numbers are probably a lot less). This fact alone is a primary factor in the rising interest of individuals opening managed Forex accounts. The benefits of opening a managed account are many, let's find out what a few of these benefits are.

Trading currencies requires so much of an individual, sure it requires proper education and in most cases years of "paying ones dues" (losing money). Even the best traders around suffer losses from time to time, it's part of the process of learning the markets. When I say serious loss I don't mean blowing out a $5,000 dollar account, many of todays top traders have spent Hundreds of thousands in order to aquire the skills of a professional trader; it's the cost many have paid while learning the ropes. Are you willing to suffer the same loses in order to learn the ropes yourself. Taking advantage of the skills of others is part of growing a global network of powerful business relations and leveraging the strengths of others so that all may prosper. The saying "it's not what you know it's who you know" could never have been more true.

Trading with a professional Forex account manager will offer you many positive benefits. We'll start by overviewing the advantadges and their essential place in your plan towards financial success.

1. Spending money on courses, books and seminars is often a cost associated with learning to profit in Forex. When you open a managed Forex account with a professional, these expenses have already been paid for by the trader years ago. After factoring in the cost of professional Forex coaching, which can range anywhere from $250/hr to $2,000/hr and up, the benefits are obvious. Your professional trader has spent a lot of money in order to provide you with a service which you both have the opportunity to profit from.

2. Trading on a demo account may give you enough confidence to trade your funds in a real account, only to realize that demo trading and live account trading are two different worlds. A professional Trader is familiar with the requirements of trading on live accounts and the differences that live trading offers as opposed to demo trading. The only way to trade with confidence on a Live account is through years of experience. This is the sort of experience you will aquire by way of networking with professional Forex traders.

3. Losing money in Forex can be kept to a minimum with proper money management skills, a professional Forex trader will know exactly how much leverage to use on your account in any given trade and will use protective stops to keep your account losses to an absoute minimum. Learning when to trade and how much leverage to place on each individual trade can make the difference between a winning account and a losing account.

4. When you let your account into the safe keep of a professional you are offered something far more valuable then money, you're given the very thing that makes life worth living: Freedom. Each day you can do as you please, whether it's spending time with friends, family or loved ones. A good Forex trader will make sure your account catches all the most profitable trades whether it's 7am, 4pm or 3 in the morning while you're sound asleep.

Investing Forex can be an exciting decision when leveraging the talents of others, it allows you to live your life vicariously through the skills of those professional Traders you have come to know. As always the results of trading Forex are never guaranteed, but one thing you can be certain of is that your chances of success are always increased when working with a professional.

About the author:
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