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Successful Forex Trading - Why Most Traders Lose

Successful Forex Trading - Why Most Traders Lose



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Forex Education Is The Best Teacher

By : Todd Judkins
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If you want to become successful as a Forex trader, you have to educate yourself continually on the markets and trends. Your motto should read constant and never ending improvement through continuous Forex education. It isn't enough to simply read Forex books, or the business section of a newspaper for currency price fluctuations. Learning to trade Forex is a participation activity. Most business newspapers and TV business channels only report the spot price, the price of a currency pair at an exact and static moment in time. You have to dig a little deeper in order to fully understand the reasons behind the current prices and the factors that are contributing to the increase or decrease in value of the currency. Even more important, you need to know the factors that may have a potential effect on the price of currency pair and upcoming scheduled economic news releases before you pull the trigger on that trade.

If you think that only economic issues influence the price of currencies, you are quite uneducated in the workings of the Forex market. Although everything is tied to an economic cycle with its unique data points, some things that are not directly monetary in nature may have an effect on the price of currencies. For example, global geo-political events can have volatile actions and any and all currencies. On May 29, 2005, voters in France rejected in a binding referendum the European Constitution. This event occurred on a Sunday in France and the Asian Forex trading session saw a massive devaluation of the Euro against all the major currencies. Another example is the impact the war in Iraq had on the U.S. Dollar/Swiss Franc currency pair at the beginning of the conflict. Forex Education is the currency trader's guide.

Other non-economic factors that may affect the currency price include sentiments, country specific laws that impact capital flows (Sarbanes -Oxley), natural disasters and the cyclical processes in other financial markets, especially for those commodity currencies. Traders have a tendency to be fickle, and they do not wish to invest in a country's whose currency does not offer value (think interest rates) and stability.

A successful Forex trader must be fully aware of all of the different factors that may affect spot price, so that if issues arise that will likely affect price on a downturn or upturn; they will now which side of the trade to take for profit. Some incidents may turn a technical Forex trader into a fundamental trader because the trader knows the economic factors that will cause volatility in the price of the currency, and wants to profit from a subsequent movement. For instance, cutting of interest rates by a country's Central Bank. The decision could have been a surprise, which would result in volatility, but the announcement was a scheduled event. Being informed prevents you from taking the loss that changes in the market create and furthermore, being able to profit from such events.

Forex education is the key to bringing it all together. It is the foundation for which your Forex trading business will stand. If built with knowledge it can withstand the events that test all Forex traders.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Todd Judkins specializes in teaching
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