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What Exchange Rates Exactly Are

By : Avinesh Prahladi
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You might have come across foreign exchange market- forex, FX, exchange rates, but still some points will not be cleared. Following are some details that will prove helpful for you to understand the confusing and complex terminology.

It is very important to know about exchange rate before going any further. In simple terms exchange rate is the price of one currency in terms of another currency. The exchange rate is the actual cost of the currency identical to any good or service bearing its individual price.

It goes to show that the currency of a country bears some particular value as compared with some other currency of the country. In order to buy any other country's currency you need to be a little cautious of the exchange rates as they can vary while you travel to some other country. Let us take an example- You are from Japan and you are planning to visit America where the exchange rate is 1.12 dollars for a Yen which goes to show that you can still purchase extra more than a dollar as compared to the Yen.

If it is a really big deal for you that how much purchasing you can make with your currency in some other country then you have to keep in the mind that the price of a particular product does not change. It does not matter which currency is put into use to estimate its value. The main cause behind this is that exchange price keeps the value of the currency at its original place.

You might be thinking that how the exchange rate is analyzed. One is the fixed rate and it is sustained by the central bank of a particular country and it is meant to be the final exchange rate for that country's currency.

The price for a currency is settled with the comparison made with another currency of a main country like- USD or Euro. The process of purchasing and selling by the central bank of a country is performed to maintain the prior exchange rate which was set earlier.

Secondly the floating method is used for deciding the exchange rage for a currency. This method is utilized to verify the exchange rate with the assistance of the equilibrium of supply and demand in the market for that particular currency.

It is also known as 'self correcting' as the market is correcting the dissimilarities between the supply and demand of the particular currency. It is dynamic in nature as the demand and supply keeps on changing.

As the supply and demand is the main factors for determining the real value of the currency it appears that floating exchange rate is nearer to the value of the currency. This method is not successful as form of exchange rate is sensible to conjectures.

The exchange rate for the currency is more at risk as it can be influenced from the black market. It is important that a fixed system should be followed just to add some extra push on the exchange rate. Up till now there is no exchange rate made that is based on fixed or floating method. Usually this method is put into use for the determination of the cost of a particular currency to set a specific price of the currency.

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