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Day Trading - The Chart Illusion That Will Wipe Your Equity Out!

Day Trading - The Chart Illusion That Will Wipe Your Equity Out!



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A Review Of Some Great Forex Blogs

By : Roger Bovee
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There are some forex blogs out there that you can learn a lot from. One of them is Baby Pips. This is a very active blog with postings by several experienced, successful forex traders every day or two. This blog gives the actual trades they are making at the time, and explains the reasoning behind them. There's also a lot of learning tutorials that you can read here. It's also funny and easy to understand.

Another good forex blog is Adam Kritzer's Forex Blog. He is considered a guru of forex investing. His website is updated regularly, with a lot of good investing ideas, currency trading news and analysis. His blog started in 2004, so you know he has been actively trading, probably successfully, during all that time.

A third very good and interesting trading blog is Grace Cheng's Blog. Grace has been trading professionally now for several years, and she paper traded for a long time before that. Her site also has a lot of interesting articles that you can read that were written by her, and in her blog she often tells what she is doing at the time. If you're a forex trader or planning to become one I would keep up on these three blogs, because they're updated regularly, have a lot of good information and articles, and are published by active, experienced, and successful traders. Here are the links to these three great forex trading blogs:" target=_blank>

About the author:
Roger Bovee is a writer, and is the editor and publisher of several blogs, including Forex Trading Machine Blog" target=_blank>

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