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Forex Trading: The Most Common Flaws

Forex Trading: The Most Common Flaws



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GFT Forex: Leader Of The Pack

By : Wade Robins
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GFT, or Global Forex Trading, was established in 1997 as a division of Global Futures & Forex Ltd. Its founder, Gary Tilken, envisioned a site which would offer solutions to the more and more complex demands of currency trading customers in both the Forex and futures markets. In the past decade GFT Forex has become one of the most widely used online currency trading firms.

GFT Forex not only caters to individual Forex traders; its reputation is such that it now counts hedge funds, international corporations, and major financial institutions among its clients. It has built that reputation on integrity and the high standard of the around-the -clock customer service available to its foreign exchange traders.

Knowing that currency traders live and die with the speed at which fluctuations in currency prices reach them, GFT's state-of-the-art Forex trading provides them with total market access. GFT Forex customers can rest assured that they are receiving the same information as the biggest Forex traders. GFT Forex, in addition, has the DealBook FX trading platform, a reasonably priced, instant and highly effective trading tool with uniquely sophisticated features.

DealBook FX Before the arrival of DealBook FX from GFT Forex, there was no software capable of delivering currency prices as quickly and accurately as traders needed them to succeed in the roller coaster world of Forex trading. With the introduction of DealBook FX, GFT Forex saw its own fortunes soar.

Other Advantage Of Trading With GFT Forex In addition to its DealBook FX software, GFT Forex offers its customers several other benefits. Many Forex trading sites will give their traders twenty-four hour trading access, a leverage ratio of 100:1, and commission free trading. But GFT Forex customers receive all that, and much, much more.

For USD/JPY and EURO/USD trades, GFT offers three pip spreads. GFT will guarantee a fill not only on stop loss, but also on limit orders; and its trading platform is designed to deal with multiple currencies. It trades those currencies in more than sixty different pairs, offers outstanding charting features, and has liquidity unparalleled among Forex trading houses. GFT also has the lowest margin requirements in the currency trading universe, and offers individual training in currency trading. And wireless trading, of course, is a given.

With instant trade execution, commission free trading, and the industry's premiere trading platform, GFT Forex has done everything in its power to make sure your experience n Forex trading is a winning one!

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