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A Forex Strategy for Winning 25% on Your Money Weekly



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Forex Trading Software - 3 Most Important Criteria In Selecting The Best Forex Trading Software

By : Peter Lim
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Forex trading has developed to the extent that a forex trading software is an indispensible tool to the forex trader. The forex trader will need a forex trading software almost daily in accessing market information in real time. This information stream should be received without unnecessary delays, so that he is provided with non-stop and instantaneous information to help him conduct his trades.

So what are the criteria to follow in choosing a forex trading software?

There are three main criteria you will look out for in selecting a forex trading software, namely:

1. Type of forex trading software

2. Reliability

3. Specific personal needs

Let use look into the details of each criteria.

Type of Forex Trading Software

When looking at forex trading software, you can select between web based trading software and server based trading software.

For server based trading software, data servers are used to store website content and transactions of the users and traders. The main consideration for server based software is that of data transmission delays with currency trading software because of the Internet connection speed and the physical distance between the main server and the machine of the trader. At the same time, you need a physically well equipped computer to act as a data server. This means a one-off installation cost if you are not doing it yourself and also maintenance and upgrading costs.

In contrast, web based forex trading software, does not involve any installation in a specific server but resides on the broker's website. As a trader you merely need to log in to the website and use it. That is why the web based trading software is more popular.


The second criteria is that of reliability.

When you select a forex trading software, pay attention to the reliability of the trading software. Reliability refers to the performance of the system to provide you instant access to the forex trading market, to check prices and movement. Check in the forums and trading chat rooms or perform due diligence on claims of the broker providing the trading software. If there are frequent complaints of trading downtime, stay away from these trading software. Another aspect of reliability is that of data delivery. Is there any undue time delays for the dissemination of both data prices and also results of fulfilment orders? Again, check this out by talking with other traders.

Specific Personal Needs

You should also assess the forex trading software based on specific personal needs.

Most forex trading software allow you to have a charting interface and to maintain trade records. However, if there are specific trading methods or strategies that involve that ability to manipulate or input specific trading indicators that is part of your trading style, then you will need to see whether the trading software can allow you to do that. For example, trading methods that uses a system of moving averages can easily be set up in most of the forex trading software available. However, if you require specific moving average indicators such as triangular moving averages or some new variations, then it is important for you to check whether such indicators are available in your forex trading software. Most forex trading software would not incorporate artificial intelligence projections, and if you are into such trading strategies, then you may need specific adds-on that must be compatible with your software.

Apply these general criteria to assess and select the forex trading software of your choice, and you will find the trading software to be a most valuable tool to assist you in earning consistent profits. In many cases, sophistication is not necessary the preferred choice, as long as the major 3 practical considerations or criteria mentioned above are met.

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