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FOREX Investment Strategies that Work

FOREX Investment Strategies that Work



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Forex Trading Strategy - 6 Vital Questions You Must Answer To Succeed

By : Sacha Tarkovsky
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To trade to win in forex markets you need a sound and profitable forex trading strategy. Below you will find six questions, if you cant answer them correctly, you will join the losing majority so lets look at them

1. Do you understand and have confidence in the logic?

This may sound an odd question to ask but it's a fact, that most traders don't understand their forex trading strategy and will not have confidence in it when it hits a losing streak.


Because in most cases they are following a guru or mentor and have NOT developed the system themselves.

While developing a currency trading system is simple and anyone can do it, most traders fall for buying an e-book or trading system off the net for a few hundred dollars and expecting to win - GET REAL!

Most of the systems sold on the net are junk and if you think about it, the forex trader selling it wouldn't have as they would be to busy making money to bother you with it!

The only way to do it is to learn a system yourself and be totally familiar with how and why it works. Not only will you avoid scams, from confidence comes discipline a vital component of currency trading success

2. Is it Objective or Subjective?

When you trade make sure your system comprises of objective rules and not patterns that require to much subjective judgement. For example Elliot wave theory and cycles mean you have to make subjective judgements - when you do this your emotions can get involved and that is a recipe for losses.

3. Does It Trade The Odds?

Do you try and predict if levels of support of resistance will hold and then hope they do?

For example, do you:

Buy just above support or a moving average or sell into a double top?

If you do then you will lose - as you are not trading the odds before issuing your trading signals. To trade the odds, you need to use confirming indicators, to give you clues to shifts in price momentum. If you predict you will lose, if you confirm your signals at critical levels you are trading the odds. and can win.

4. Is Your Trading System Simple?

By simple we mean a few simple rules (not 20 or 30) for executing a trading signal.

If your forex trading system includes a lot of indicators or rules, chances are it will lose, as it has more elements to break.

In currency trading your chances of success will increase dramatically if you keep your trading system simple.

5. Does it Work on ALL Markets?

If you constantly change the rules and parameters of forex trading strategy for different market conditions or different currencies it will fail.

Many traders back test and then tweak their systems to make them profitable. This is called "curve fitting" and means bending the system to fit the data - it doesn't work.

We don't have time in this article to go into all the dangers of curve fitting, so read our other articles, but if you want to avoid curve fitting your system should work with no tweaks or optimization.

6. Does it have specific Money Management System?

We don't mean just placing a stop, that's easy - but how to lock in profits with trailing stops on open positions and using profit targets.

Most forex traders simply think money management (after placing an initial stop) takes care of itself in a forex trading strategy - it doesn't.

The difference between success and failure is thin and money management that maximizes gains can be the difference between you winning or losing.

7. Why Do You Believe You Will Win?

So why should your forex trading strategy win while 90% of forex traders lose?

If you cant answer this question quickly and with confidence, say goodbye to your equity and get back to your forex education!

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