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Sun Tzu Art Of War In Forex Trading - How To Be A Profitable Forex Trader

Sun Tzu Art Of War In Forex Trading - How To Be A Profitable Forex Trader



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The best investment to learn forex you can ever make is in yourself.

By : Diana O.
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The basic approach of how to achieve success by trading forex looks "a piece of cake" compared to the other markets like stocks, futures and options. Trading the foreign exchange market, in a very simplified way, is to exchange one currency for another in the expectation that the price will change, so that the currency you bought will increase in value compared to the one you sold. The principle is very easy to understand but then, why more than 90% of traders lose their money?

Everybody have access to the same data's: same charts, same quotes, same proven trading methods, etc. but only a few traders make consistent profits over time. And this is because most of traders simply waste their time by trying to reach perfection at the easiest part like how to read charts and data, and trying to perfect entry and exit skills, but they neglect the first step to success: the trader's mind. Think about this. What can you do with the best education and the best forex trading system if don't have the right attitude?

Acquiring the knowledge of the market in not difficult for anyone with average intelligence but it is neither the level of intelligence nor the knowledge that decides the outcome of the market operations of a trader. It is the decision making process that is so hard for most traders to overcome and that is the main reason for a success or a failure for all the traders. Some find it easy to make decisions and stick to it and most find it so hard to make decisions and stick to it. Unfortunately, any decision making process in trading is a pain-taking process and humans tend to avoid pains and go for pleasures even if for temporary ones.

Honestly, how many traders can say they can compromise their wealth when the trade is suggested by their own system and let the profit run for weeks and months when their system tells them, and how many can manage to cut the loss as a routine process when the situation arise. It all sounds so easy when saying it but when your money is on the line, it's difficult to remain calm, rational, and in complete control. What happens if you lose? How will you recover? It's natural to become consumed with self-doubt and abandon your trading plan, or act irrationally. But winning traders control their impulses. They execute a trading strategy effortlessly and flawlessly, even under the most adverse market conditions. Successful traders have discipline, confidence, patience and persistence. If you don't have this characteristics work to build it up.

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