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Avoiding Common Pitfalls in A Forex Trading Strategy

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in A Forex Trading Strategy



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Alternative investment in forex managed accounts

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Alternative investment in forex managed accounts. < 100 % p.a. Please visit for details

We are currently donating the services of a highly experienced foreign exchange trader who is applying intraday forex trading strategies in order to fully develop the wealth building opportunities which the Forex market consistently offers. Experienced manager aims for double digit monthly returns using his flexible model based on his experience as a former interbank forex trader for a major Canadian bank using a sound risk management policy and this type of trading is unique since it is contrary to traditional asset managers and the trader does not entail a trending forex trading market in order to make reliable returns.

Entry and exit strategies are not solely dependant on price. Time of day, market sentiment, and pattern recognition are all factors weighed in the decision making process. The forex trader uses well defined parameters for exit fx trading strategies that are pertaining to risk/reward ratios and get rid of trades that do not meet the parameters. Maximum risk per trade is premeditated in percentage of equity and also takes total trade exposure into account.

Depending on a managed forex program's trading strategy and leverage use, studies of published managed forex programs show uncorrelated returns compared to most other asset classes, counting the major equity indices. Such uncorrelated returns mean a partial allocation to managed currencies can lessen a portfolio's total return instability and proffer for better total return reliability over time.

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