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Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Forex Trading Broker

Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Forex Trading Broker



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Currency Trading Signals

By : Derek Hyde
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Forex Trading Signals

You read time and time again that 95% of private Forex traders lose money through their currency

trading . This unfortunate aspect is rather gleefully exploited by the Forex brokers, and in particular by

those who are selling the hundreds of different trading strategies, many of whom receive a kickback

from the brokers. Usually the poor private trader (literally by now !) achieves the odd winning trade

from time to time to be kept on the Forex hook. Eventually the trader accepts that a lot has been lost to

losing trades, notwithstanding the additional losses of staggering form the purchase of one trading

strategy to another, continually searching for the Holy Grail of currency trading.

This optimism of landing on winning trades is not shared by Murphy's Law - which states that as soon

as you open up a trade the market price will disappear in the opposite direction required for your trade.

Eventually traders will be severely out of pocket, very frustrated, and deciding that currency trading is

not for them, and best left to the professionals after all.

This state of mind is a great shame - because it is not necessary.

There is a type of trading called Hedge Trading whereby it is just about impossible to have a losing trade

except by being greedy. Not the usual type of hedge trade where the wheels just go around and you go

nowhere ! This is a very special type of Hedge trade I have come across. Using a good trading

platform, with as little as US$250 deposit capital, it is a "set & forget" stress free trade - no requirement

to constantly monitor the computer screen. You could not care less which direction the market price

moves, up or down, provided it does move in any direction - which knocks Murphy's Law right on the

head. Indeed, strange as it may seem, you will actually enjoy seeing initially a losing trade - believe

me I have personally experienced it !

It is not a get-rich-quick trade. Usually a trade will take on average between 2 to 5 days to go into

profit, depending upon the state of the market. You will need patience, sometimes a lot of patience,

before the trade goes into profit. If you try to be too greedy as to profits, you could come unstuck

should there be a dramatic turndown in the currencies you are trading. But by trading conservatively I

cannot see how any trader can hit a losing trade. Certainly I could give no guarantee in this respect -

but sufficient to say I have never had a losing trade.

About the author:
Author has nearly 20 years experience successfully trading currencies as a private trader. Visit" target=_blank> to find out how you can become a successful trader with no prior knowledge.

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