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Online Forex Trading - 4 Simple Tips to make 100% + Annual Gains

Online Forex Trading - 4 Simple Tips to make 100% + Annual Gains



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Successful Forex Trading - Why Most Traders Lose

By : kelly Price
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You will read a lot of information on the net telling you successful forex trading is easy yet the facts are that 95% pf traders lose all their money. Now another fact is that anyone can learn to trade - so what are 95% of traders doing wrong?

The answer is they are simply getting the wrong forex education and falling for common myths, they also don't understand the importance of mindset.

The link between the right education and the right mindset is crucial - as they go hand in hand for success. Sure, you need a good logical sound method but that won't help you, if you don't know how to apply it with discipline.

First most traders fall for myths and here are the most common ones, believing any of them and you will lose.

- You can follow a system from someone else and win

- You can win at day trading

- You can predict forex prices

- You can trade expert news stories

- The markets move to a scientific formula you can trade

- Buy low sell high is a great way to make money

- Money management is simply placing a stop

Most losers make one or more of the above trading mistakes and lose quickly. In most cases it's just simply traders are lazy, greedy and nave.

Forex trading is not a walk in the park and you wouldn't expect it to be with the rewards on offer - but for those willing to learn currency trading the right way there are huge profits to be made.

Let's take the basics for successful forex trading:

You need to have a system you know the logic of (not just follow one blindly) and you must have confidence in how and why it works - if you don't you simply won't have the discipline to follow it through losing periods.

Of course, if you don't have the discipline to stick with your forex trading strategy, you don't have one.

The hard part is following a system with discipline.

Most traders have heard it's important but are simply unable to do it in reality. A few losses and they throw in the towel.

The key to winning at forex trading is of course to get the right education, avoid the myths but also to acquire discipline which is really the hard part of trading

Discipline comes from an acceptance of you are in charge of your own destiny and confidence from your own research and learning - no one else can make you rich, only you can and most traders simply don't understand this.

Forex trading is NOT easy but

Its not hard either if you get the right forex education and understand that your mindset to apply your method is just as important as the method you use.

So if you want be successful at forex trading - start educating yourself the right way and your efforts will be well rewarded, with big long term capital gains.

About the author:
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