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So... Can I Really Be A Successful Forex Trader?

So... Can I Really Be A Successful Forex Trader?



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Forex Charts - Avoid This Common Deadly Mistake or Lose

By : Monica Hendrix
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If there is one basic mistake traders make and continue to make it's the one in this article and if you make it you will simply lose all your money and do it quickly, so here is the forex chart mistake to avoid.

The mistake is the forex prices can be predicted on forex charts.

No they can't...

Of course if you are predicting you are hoping and guessing and that won't get you far in any venture in life, let alone forex trading.

Of course there are many vendors who will tell you prices can be predicted with scientific accuracy and the naïve trader swallows it.

The most popular scientific theories are based around the works of - Gann, Elliot wave and Fibonacci.

These guys never made money with their theories and neither will you - because the fact that markets move at all, proves there is no scientific theory... If there were a scientific theory, we would all know the price in advance and there would be no market - common sense really.

Other forex traders predict but they don't believe in scientific theories - their just trying to buy low and sell high and this doesn't work either.

For example - a trader sees the price dip to just above support, assumes it will hold and executes his trading signal. Of course sometimes it works, most of the time it does not.

Rather than hoping guessing or predicting - you need to get the odds in your favour. Forex trading is a game of odds not certainties but get them on your side and you can make a ton of money.

The Way To Win With Forex Charts

Lets say you see prices dip to support you don't buy you wait for momentum to turn up (you can read about momentum oscillators in our other articles) this gives you advance warning of a shift in price velocity and shows the level is likely to hold.

You can also use momentum to follow a break of support and trading breakouts is very profitable.

It's a fact that most big bullish or bearish moves start from new market lows or new highs and by following the breaks with momentum on your side you can catch the biggest trends.

So remember:

The next time you see someone say they can predict market tops or bottoms with 90% market accuracy - you know their lying and that if you try and predict with your forex charts, you simply lose all your money and do it quickly.

Use your forex charts correctly. Trade the odds, confirm each move with momentum and enjoy long term currency trading success.

About the author:
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