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Forex Trading Strategy - 4 Steps for Forex Success

By : kelly price
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If you want to make money in forex trading you need to have a soundly based forex trading strategy. This is far easier to achieve than many traders think it is and here we will show you how to build one in 4 simple steps.

1. Success Comes From Inner Understanding

To succeed at forex trading you need to do it on your own and understand EXACTLY how and why your system works.

Even if you follow a vendor or someone else's currency trading system, you can't simply follow it you must learn it and have confidence in it.

If you don't understand how your trading system will help you succeed, you won't have confidence in it which will lead to a break down of discipline if you hit a losing period.

Keep in mind if you don't have the discipline to follow your trading method, you don't have a method!

2. Keep It Simple & Work Smart

Many traders believe the more effort they put into their forex trading strategy the more they will make - this is not true. You get rewarded for being right with your trading signal and that's it.

Other traders think the more complicated their system is the more chance it has of succeeding but again - this is not true.

All the best forex trading systems are simple and this means they have fewer elements to break and are more robust in the face of brutal market conditions.

This is actually good news, as you need to work smart and not hard to succeed.

Simply focus on the right areas and learn them. If you do this, it will lead you to currency trading success.

3. A Successful Trading System

Here we can't give you all that goes into a successful trading system - but we will give you some important basic elements you need to keep in mind when building one.

- Do not day trade, as you are guaranteed to lose. All short term volatility is random and you cannot get the odds on your side, either swing trade or follow long term trends.

- Base your system on the concept of support and resistance and breakout methodology. - Do not predict with your system. Use momentum oscillators to confirm each and every trading signal.

If you predict that's simply hoping or guessing and you won't win.

Trade the truth of price action and confirm.

- Always place stops and assume the worst eventuality - you need to protect what you have above all else. As one trader I once knew said:

"If you take care of the losses the profits will look after themselves".

4. The crucial Point You Need to Understand!

In forex trading 95% of traders lose.

This is simply in most instances down to the fact they don't work smart and learn the right information.

They therefore don't have confidence to apply their system with discipline.

You need to understand as part of your forex education that your method is important - but you need the right mindset to apply it.

If you want to learn currency trading you can, in fact anyone can - but you must learn how to trade currencies the right way and build a logical, simple forex trading strategy which, takes into account all the points we have made above.

If you do, you can build a forex trading strategy for success.

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