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Forex Education - Understanding Standard Deviation for Bigger Profits

Forex Education - Understanding Standard Deviation for Bigger Profits



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The Rise and Fall of the Dollar

By : Rick Williamson
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You see the US dollar fall you see the CAD dollar rise. You wonder how can I make money with currency? It is simple to get started but it may take a bit more work to become profitable. Many traders lose money. You just have to find the way to become a profitable trader. Every forex trade you make will cost you a couple pips. So that means every bad trade you lose a bit more. One bad trade can wipe out a long track record of small but profitable trades so be careful with your money.

There are some reasons to trade forex. It is a very liquid market. It comes with 24 hour trading. Investors trade very large leverages. A limited amount of currency knowledge is needed, not like the stock market where knowledge on hundreds of companies is needed. The size of the market is huge so it is hard for one to control the market.

Knowledge and education are also a key. To start trading in currency markets it's good to have the correct software. You will need this for correct information of the pricing in the market and to make quick trades. Two softwares are available which are web based or client based. Client based is downloaded and you install on your computer. Security is your major concern with this type of software . Web based is you login in to a web site. This application can be accessed from any computer while client based is installed on your computer only.

Make sure what ever software you get it has real time quotes because the market is ever changing. Trading on the foreign exchange offers amazing opportunities for profit, but it is also can be very risky. Make sure you know what you are getting into before you start trading, You should start out with a paper trading account. That is a account that is loaded with fake money. You will be trading with this account for a while to get used to trading in the forex market. When you are comfortable trading and making profits, that is when you switch to the real money account. Start your forex trading strategies only when you are comfortable in your knowledge and ability.

About the author:
Rick Williamson is an investment researcher and owner of" target=_blank>

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