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Mobile Trading For Profit in Forex

Mobile Trading For Profit in Forex



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Let a Professional Manage Your Forex Account

By : Mike LaVallee
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Because forex trading is such a complicated business, there are many systems in place to help new or cautious traders get involved without going bankrupt. There are mini accounts that let you invest only small amounts of money, and there are even automated accounts that let a computer program do it all for you. And in between those extremes is the managed forex account, which gives you full access to the market but gives you an adviser to help you navigate it.

A managed forex account is perfect for someone with no experience, or limited experience, in the forex market. It's also good for someone who wants to invest but doesn't want to go through all the studying and training necessary to do a good job of it himself. Furthermore, a managed account is a godsend if you want to invest but simply don't have the time or the inclination to watch the market 24 hours a day.

Managed accounts always require a minimum investment of at least $10,000, and some have the minimum set as high as $250,000. This makes it off-limits to many individuals, especially considering you never want to invest more than you can afford to lose. It is mostly businesses and corporations that use managed accounts, though more and more well-heeled individuals are taking advantage of it in the 21st century.

The reason for the high minimum investment is that a managed account has to have someone managing it -- an actual human being, that is, not a computer program. If the minimum investment were more reasonable, too many people would want managed accounts, and the managers wouldn't be able to handle their client load.

In general, a managed account is best for long-term investors. Someone wanting to get into the forex market, make a lot of money through aggressive, risky ventures, then get out again, would not benefit from a managed account. Most managers favor a conservative, slow-growth strategy, usually suggesting that investors stay with the program for two years to show real profits. (Most systems let you withdraw your money and quit whenever you want, though, with no penalties for doing so.)

There is a fee for managed accounts, of course; nothing comes for free. Usually the fee is based on the performance of the market, with the manager taking a percentage of your net profits each quarter. This fee is well worth it for many individuals, though, as they find a managed account gives them peace of mind with regard to where their money is being invested and what kind of return it's yielding them.

About the author:
Mike LaVallee is the webmaster of Best Forex Trading Info a trading site with topics including Forex Options and Forex Software.

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