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Making Forex Investments - Facts You Need To Be Aware Of

Making Forex Investments - Facts You Need To Be Aware Of



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Metatrader Expert Advisors

By : Ivan Cuxeva Jr
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Trading in the equities market as well as trading in the foreign exchange market can be a true hassle and extremely risky if the right set of tools and systems are not in place. Trading in any of these markets through emotions can drive investors to a financial breaking point, the liquidity of these markets is what gives savvy investors a great opportunity to turn market changes into profits. Most people may be familiar with equity markets, these are normally traded in the form of stocks in several countries (Asia: Nikkei, USA: NASDAQ, etc). On the other hand we have a much larger and liquid type of market in which trades are not executed through sales and purchases of stocks but through exchange of currency.

The foreign exchange market, also known as the currency, Forex or FX market takes place when one currency is traded for another, for instance the US Dollar can be traded against the Yen, Euro, etc. Depending on market conditions and social factors a currency can 'gain strength' over another currency such is the case of the Dollar and Euro as we have recently seen, when these market conditions exist foreign exchange investors buy one currency and sell another in order to realize profits, depending on the value of each pair of currency a small profit can be acquired, that's why the volume of these trades is often large.

As you know the exchanges in this market are executed in pairs where the first currency is often the called base and it's value is 'one', it is normal to see the USD (United States Dollar) to the left side of a trade since it is often the base but in some cases when other currencies have a higher value than the USD and we see a rising quote it means that the USD has depreciated against this other currency, the three exceptions are the British Pound (GBP), the Australian Dollar (AUD) and the Euro (EUR).

Smart investors have developed their own investing strategies according to market conditions, in other words when a certain currency gains value and the other looses part of it they execute the best strategy which will let them acquire some revenues based on the fluctuation. Those who realize that monitoring trades in many currencies 24 hours a day is almost impossible have decided to take advantage of complete automation through trading platforms such as Metatrader and its useful add-on Metatrader expert advisor, the way these platforms work is through the creation of custom indicators specified by the trader which will let the software application execute trades which meet the conditions specified by the investor.

Since everyone has a different trading strategy the trading platform Metatrader allows investors to use the Metatrader expert advisor to execute strategies just like you would, this platform can be extended through the use of MT4 digital filters, MT4 indicators and customized libraries and scripts which can boost revenues all in autopilot.

As we stated previously the main economic factors which affect this gigantic market are the inflation levels, the economic growth and health, deficits or surpluses within a major government, trends and balance of trade levels. All of these factors create what are called economic indicators which are studied at a macro-economy level, in order words these indicators are based on causality. If a certain condition is met within the market it is often the product of social or a mixture of factors among countries. While the definitions may be easy to understand at this level, seasoned investors know that there are more than a couple of factors which influence the global economy thus fluctuating the value of money, that is why savvy investors have developed several sets of indicators and systems which rely on candle-stick statistics and complex algorithmic analysis to predict currency fluctuations which will increase their chances to earn revenues when trading on a percentage point basis (PIP).

For most investors these state-of-the-art indicators are like expert advisors which let them know good entry points as well as buy and sell positions. Some of these indicators can be found and added to trading platforms such as Metatrader, examples are: The Stochastic indicator (shows fractal divergence), RSI, PowerRVI-Div, the STLM-Div which shows fractal divergence by STLM low frequency digital filter among many others.

Recently a flexible, fully customizable and smart platform has been created for Forex investors who want to develop their own custom MT4 indicators using tailored MT4 scripts and libraries, Metatrader is a powerful trading platform which can be extended through the use of MQL4 and the Metatrader expert advisor. According to fluctuating conditions and your own settings the application can execute opening and closing of trades automatically, this is especially useful for investors who can't spend all of their time in front of their computers trying to monitor their trades. As we all know this is the technology era if we do not change the way we do business by taking advantage of artificial intelligence and automatic systems we are surely wasting our time and loosing a great business opportunity.

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