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Forex Asset Managers for Automated Trading

Forex Asset Managers for Automated Trading



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Best FOREX traders for Managed Accounts

By : Brian Tewes
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The Forex trading market is one of the biggest financial markets in the world today with over USD3.2trillion daily turn over. The advent of web applications has birthed online currency trading which is now one of the biggest and fastest growing investments. To avoid the risk involved in trading on their own many investors employ the services of professionals in Forex trading to manage their accounts. Forex managed accounts is suitable for investors with risk capital who do not necessarily want to trade on their own. With the ever growing use of the internet there are many ways to find information about best traders of Forex managed account.

It might be difficult to find best traders of Forex managed accounts if you don't know where to look or what characteristics to look for. There are many websites offering currency analytical reports, statistical data for managing Forex trading and best Forex traders. Finding the best traders culminates in reaping higher profits. In currency trading there is no difference in profit potential between a long and short position. Therefore best Forex traders for managed accounts must possess the ability to profit in rising or declining markets unlike equity and fixed income managers. The best FOREX traders for managed accounts must be able to profit under any market conditions.

What are the things to consider while looking for best Forex traders for managed accounts?

Every investor wants to invest his money and make profits; therefore the expectation of best Forex traders is a consistent delivery of highest possible interest on the managed accounts. They have to be a reliable company with a proven track record of consistency. The best Forex traders for managed Forex accounts are not necessarily the ones who make the headlines in the news. But those who have 100% positive reviews by their clients. Hence the reputation of the company also matters a lot There must be a demonstrated ability of understanding of Forex market signals, charts, analysis and reports. This is a key factor In the Forex market as correct interpretation of these is a leeway to accurate predictions of when to enter and exit the market. One important factor to look out for is the dealing spread of the Forex trader. Best dealing spreads are usually between 3 - 5 points in normal markets. These enable the Forex traders to move in and out of the trade with low slippages (the lower the spread offered the better).

Any promises of fantastic and consistent monthly gains of 15% or more, for example, are wildly exaggerated and would never be claimed by a legitimate investment manager. Although some traders do manage to produce some amazing short term gains the risks taken to produce these gains are enormous and generally mean that even the best intentioned manager who stretches his leverage beyond prudence is bound to eventually crash and burn.

Forex trading can be your way to making millions in a short while. Exploit this opportunity now. It is a risk worth investing in.

About the author:
Brian Tewes is the director of marketing at and invites you to learn about our Best FOREX traders for Managed Accounts

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