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Forex scalping and short term trading

Forex scalping and short term trading



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How to get Forex Trading Software

By : Robert Keating
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With the availability of forex trading software, forex trading online is something now available to the everyday man or woman interested in a new income producing stream. The forex market is the largest market in the world and provides a tremendous opportunity to earn additional income.

All that is required is an internet connection, a trading account opened via a broker and the trading platform or software.

To embark on your forex trading adventure you are required to open a forex trading account. At the time you open your trading account you most likely will also receive forex trading software to execute your trades. You have the choice of opening a live account or paper or practice account. It is best to get started with a practice account before moving onto a live account. The practice account is operated using live data however you are only using a fictitious balance. In a way it is like a computer game.

In this modern online world there are many brokers available to allow you to start getting your feet wet and start practicing currency trading. When looking to select a broker here is a list of things to take into account.

the minimum trading unit size The broker's hours of operation the reliability of the forex trading software the bid/ask pip spread on major currency pairs is there a phone line backup to the forex trading software?

In the forex market there is software for forex trading that is actually used to execute trades, also known as the trading platform and other software that is used for either providing trading signals or providing graphical information (charting), which is used to analyse data.

The forex trading software provided by your broker is in my experience provided free of charge, they want your business after all. The forex signal software would typically come on a subscription basis. With forex charting software there are both free and subscription options or in the case of the platform I use it is integrated with the trading software.

After you have your trading account opened and have installed the forex trading software on your computer you will be ready to place some orders. They would include some of the following types of orders:

Market orders - this is an order to buy or sell at the current market price Limit orders - this order is placed to buy or sell at a certain price as the market price moves up or down Lime entry orders - this order is executed when the exchange rate touches a specific level without breaking that level Stop-loss orders - this is a type of limit order linked to a specific order aimed at stopping the order when a loss level is reached Take profit orders - as the name suggests this order closes an open order when a profit level is achieved

As a warning about forex trading online you should be aware that the majority of people lose their principal. Currency trading is not something you should go into expecting great riches.

One key point to remember when entering the world of forex trading is do not commit money that you cannot do without. Before sending money to a broker think is it money that you can live without if you do happen to incur losses.

If it is not just try the practice forex trading until you have money you can spare. By this stage you will hopefully have learnt many aspects of online trading and will be more likely to profit.

I strongly recommend that you have a practice account to test your forex trading software and your trading plans and to educate yourself. The last thing you want to do is rush in and suffer losses.

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About the author:
The author has been trading forex for over two years. As forex is a risky business he is now primarily focussed on helping new traders not make the mistake of trading before they are ready and as a result suffering losses. To receive more info and a bonus report visit forextradingonlin" target=_blank>http://forextradingonlin

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