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Forex Day Trading - How To Earn BIG Profits Everyday!

Forex Day Trading - How To Earn BIG Profits Everyday!



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Online Currency Trading - Top 10 Novice Trading Mistakes

By : monica hendrix
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Online currency trading">Online currency trading is now within reach of any trader and while the potential rewards are high - 95% of traders wipe themselves out - here we will outline the top ten novice trader mistakes.

Here they are in no particular order of importance.

1. Trying to Predict Price Movement

You don't need to predict to win and if you predict, all you are doing is hoping and guessing where prices may go - you should trade the reality of price change on a forex chart and not try and anticipate.

2. Buying Low selling High

Linked to the above point - most traders what to buy the market low and sell the high and of course this is not possible. If you got 50% of the main trends you would be very rich. You need to aim for profits, not perfection from your forex trading and that always means missing a bit of the move at each end.

3. Following a Vendors Forex Trading System Blindly

Most systems sold are junk and come with a simulated track record done in hindsight i.e its never been traded. These normally always fail but there are a few good ones out there and traders still manage to lose money with them.


Because they don't know how the system works, don't have confidence in it and can never acquire discipline.

4. Day Trading

Simply doesn't work and its obvious why - if you don't know check our other articles.

5. Poor Money Management

If you think money management is placing a stop - or the risk of a trade is: the potential gain - the stop, then you need to learn about money management.

Most traders devise or use currency trading systems and think money management looks after itself - if you are one of those traders, change your opinion or lose quickly.

6. Following Expert News Stories

News stories are stories and that's all, someone's opinion - but opinions don't make profits and most of the news stories you see reflect the greed and fear of the crowd who always lose.

7. Lack of Discipline

Lack of discipline is simply a way to lose money and you will never acquire it unless you know exactly what your doing and understand why it will be successful. Discipline only comes from having understanding and confidence.

8. Trading To Often

Many traders think they have to be in the market all the time in case they miss a move, or embark on revenge trading etc. Keep in mind you don't get rewarded for how often you trade, you get rewarded for being right, with your trading signals and that's it.

9. Working to Hard

On the one hand you have traders who don't put in the required homework and on the other traders who think that the more knowledge they acquire the better their chances of success - wrong. To make money at forex trading you need to work smart, not hard and get the right forex education.

You don't get rewarded for effort, you get your reward for being right and that's it.

10. Not Knowing What a Trading Edge is

All successful traders have this and can define it - it's what makes you able to enter the 5% of winners while 95% of traders lose.

Don't know what your trading edge is?

You don't have one and its time to learn forex trading basics until you do.

The above 10 reasons for losing at forex trading are all common and there easy to avoid if you work smart and have a desire to succeed.

Online currency trading">Online currency trading offers you a life changing income but is not easy and you wouldn't expect it to be with the rewards on offer. So, learn online forex trading the correct way and you can enjoy currency trading success.

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