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Forex Trends And Trends Will Make You Rich.

Forex Trends And Trends Will Make You Rich.



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Learn Forex - 6 Reasons To Trade Forex

By : Tom Leroy
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Trading forex is a home based business for many people all around the world. But why invest your own money and risking it ? Here are 6 reasons and there are more !


Of course I am not talking about the fact that you have to fund your trading account. No I am talking about the management of your account and the fees involved. You will never have to pay anything for your trades. If you make a profit or loss, you don't have to pay a commission to the broker.

Your forex broker make his profit with the margin between the two exchange rates (buy and sell). This is the spread.

When you want to sell a currency, you may have seen that the selling price is lower than the current price. The broker automatically apply a 2 or 3 pips spread (or more depending of the pair traded). These 2 or 3 pips are the profit of the broker. With all the transactions every day, the broker makes a nice profit.

So you are not asked to pay for trading.

Trade anytime of the day.

The forex market is open 24 hours a day, from monday to friday. You can trade one all day long if you decide to get in that business or just a few hours after your day job.

Trade big volumes with low volume.

This is called leverage. You can trade 100 or 200 times more the money you want to use. If a broker offers you a 100:1 leverage, you can use $200 only to trade $20,000.

Micro accounts

You can open an account with $300 only. Although it's better to start with $1,000 to be more comfortable, your budget may be small. And you can go as slowly as you want, as long as you are making profit.

Demo accounts

Not all businesses allow you to practice for free. That's true, if you had to launch another kind of business, you would have to buy and resell goods. You can practice forex trading, for free, in a demo account, and see if this business is for you. You will have $50,000 or more to trade, of course this is fake money, but you are using the real time market, datas and statistics.

You can even open a demo account with different brokers. This will allow you to find the most convenient for you.

Making Money

This is the main purpose of trading forex. Making money online takes various forms. Trading forex is maybe the one offering the highest profits, if done correctly. Educate yourself, practice a lot, trade slowly, earn pip after pip and you will gain the trader skills to success.

We may add a seventh reason to our list : "working" from home. You are the boss.

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