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The Real Basic of Forex

By : j3fk4
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If you somehow tumble over this article, it means you still need help in Forex trading. There is no need to be ashamed tho, since 75% of the Forex trader doesn't even survive in this race. The question stays same, what I should do to be successful in Forex trading. Ironically the answer stays same, you should learn how to survive first.

It is funny that a lot of people in the world state that they know how to survive, yet they don't actually really know 100% how. And obviously, it is the same with Forex trading, many claim they know how to survive in the game but state none of how of it. Why? Because they don't have enough basic to cover their survival!

Learning the basic of Forex trading is actually pretty easy. The reason nobody really knows it is because either most of the forex traders think they have already known it and quickly jump into the trading game, or because they think that the basic is not important.

Cut the crap short, we are going to start on what the real basic of forex trading is. And of course the answer is short too, it is one of the probability game!

Most of the person tells you that forex trading and going to casino are two different thing. While it is true, it is not 100% true. In fact only 25% of that statement is true. When you go to casino, there are 75% chance that you will loose your money, 15% chance that you will just stay there make nothing, win nothing, loose nothing. In other word, you have at least 75% chance to be destined a loser in casino room. Well, that's the same with forex trading.

I have never said that if you are the champion of casino room, you will be the champion of forex trading. But you in order to at least survive in forex trading, you need to at least ask the 15% survivor in the casino room. Ask them how they do it. See and hear the answer, you will be shocked that actually their answers are the ones you need the most!

This article should be ended here since the next paragraph will be covered next time. And if you wonder if these article is copyrighted, well of course it is not. This article is purely being written by me and I doubt if someone really copy it for the pure reason since introducing the real fact of the forex trading basic will most of the time earns you some scolding, since it is right.

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About the author:
j3fk4 is a nickname only. There is nothing about j3fk4, and there is none of j3fk4. J3fk4 exists only in cyber world.

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