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The Benefits Of Pooled Investment In Shares And The Forex

The Benefits Of Pooled Investment In Shares And The Forex



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Forex Trading Sentiment - Learn How to Gauge it For Huge Profits and a Live Example
By : kelly Price
The most important variable in forex price movement is not the sentiment of the participants who ultimately determine the price. Humans are creatures of greed and fear and if you watch and know how to gauge extremes in sentiment you can make huge profits here's how and a huge immediate profit opoortunity. Ma ......
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Keeping Your Emotions At Bay When Trading Stocks, Futures or Forex
By : Dean Thomas Whittingham
Emotions are one of the most talked about enemies of the novice trader. I say novice, because unless you have become a master of your emotions, you are still a novice. Experienced traders trade with a detached and unemotional mind. If you've been trading for a while, I bet you have had situations where you j ......
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What is the Psychology of a Forex Trader? AND - Have YOU got what it takes?- AND - Have YOU got it?
By : Nick Moseley
Are you a contender? Have you got what it takes to hack it in the fast moving, sometimes ultra high glorious, other times ocean trench depression low world of Forex Trading? This may sound like a standard motivational talk, but having the right frame of mind DOES influence your trading results - So before you risk your ......
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Forex Trading Psychology: Preparing Yourself
By : Harold Hsu
Before the start of each trading day, take a few minutes of "quiet time" to yourself. Imagine yourself looking at the day's price fluctuations, and imagine yourself having one or two winning trades, and one or two losing ones... See yourself cutting your losses and letting your winning trades ride. See yourself being o ......
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Forex Education - Identifying The 4 Human Weaknesses
By : Harold Hsu
The 4 basic human weaknesses in trading: Greed, fear, impatience and pride. How do these emotions cause so many Forex traders to lose money? Let's examine the ways. Greed Greed causes poor traders to increase the size of their trading positions the moment they're "in the money" (in a winning trade ......
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Laying Out the Path of Success through Disciplines in Forex Trading
By : Rick Williamson
Forex trading can take a person from rags to riches. However, though this field offers opportunity to maximize one's wealth, one needs to follow proper strategies to turn opportunity into return. Not many people believe in having sound understanding of the forex logic and as a result they step down in the market with n ......
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