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Forex Education - The Importance of Psychology a Live Lesson

Forex Education - The Importance of Psychology a Live Lesson



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The Basics of FOREX Trading
By : Groshan Fabiola
Foreign exchange, or FOREX, is the term used to refer to trading currencies. The trades on the FOREX market amount over $1.5 trillion daily, making it the world's largest market. Just to get some idea of the amount of money that FOREX trading involves, think of it as being one hundred times bigger than the amount trade ......
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Mini Forex Trading - Small Capital, Low Risk But Big Consistent
By : Peter Lim
Are opportunities passing your way because you lack adequate capital to start off a business to generate a 5 figure income? Many people, especially those looking for a replacement income by working from home, or those who have been retrenched, downsized or laid off from work are seeking opportunities to make a living. ......
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Forex Trading - How and Why Prices REALLY Move
By : Kelly Price
This is why forex trading is hard and 95% of traders fail to win. So how do you do it and make your forex trading strategy a success? Here are some tips. 1. Use forex technical analysis as a basis for your forex trading strategy. Technical analysis and looking at forex cha ......
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Forex Trading: An Investors Dream?
By : Adam Hefner
Forex trading has become one of the most popular tools for traders and investors today. In this market, forex trading has given many the opportunity to trade a market that was once dominated by large banks, multinational corporations, central banks and governments. The average retail trader now has the tools and levera ......
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Choose One Currency: The Importance Of Focus In Forex Trading
By : Jovan Vucetic
Many beginner forex traders start out making a common mistake. They will begin trading one currency but within a month and sometimes much less, will have traded almost all the major currencies. If you take a peek at some of the forex chat forums on the Internet, you will see enthusiastic newbie traders making the same ......
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Pros and Cons of Mental Stop and Hard Physical Stops
By : Larry Swing
When a trader starts his new venture into trading or investing, he finds out many things that need to be learned, understood and used as part of his tools to become successful. One of the useful tools in many trading software is the use of stop loss orders. Although this a standard tool, not many use them. Some use the ......
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